A Casual Way to be Stylish

Not everyone is a fan of carrying around a purse or need all the space that comes with a handbag. On the other hand, sometimes a small wallet just doesn't cut it. Thankfully, we have the perfect compromise with our Portable Shoulder Bag. This fashion favorite is back in stock and ready to help you take on the world.

This bag is small enough to keep you feeling light and free. By only carrying the essential tools, it stays out of your way. It's small size also makes this the perfect bag for anyone who is on the go. Whether you have a day of meetings, playing sports, or going hunting, this bag will hold everything you need without holding you back.

With the multiple color options, this bag is the perfect accessory for even your most casual outfits. Take a white graphic, three courter tee, and a light pair of blue jeans and match them with a couple of white flats. The three-quarter sleeve is perfect for a nice fall day, and the casual look is a great way to look trendy while still being comfortable. Keep your jewelry simple and add a green or camouflaged portable shoulder bag to complete the look. It will add a small pop of color while still keeping with the rest of your outfit's casual feel.

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