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3 Pairs of Jeans to Wear this Fall

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to start bundling up, covering the legs that were exposed all summer. A classic way to cover up is with a pair of jeans. This versatile piece is perfect for the fall, as it can serve as the base for all your outfits. There are a couple of trendy styles that would be best for fall fashion.

Straight Jeans

With their relaxed look, straight jeans are a must for every closet. They’re comfortable and stylish and pair well with your favorite booties. Straight jeans are the best everyday jeans, perfect for all those fall fun activities like pumpkin picking and haunted houses. Try this pair in a fun wash like gray and ripped details for that extra, added cool look.

Culotte Jeans

These are a call back to vintage women’s wear. Culottes were popular in the 1930s, came back in the 1980s, and made another comeback today. This vintage-inspired piece is ideal for creating a bold fashion statement. They can be dressed up with a blouse for brunches with friends or dressed down with a sweater for cozy movie nights. Try this pair with an on-trend ripped hem.

Ripped Jeans with Fishnets

If you’re looking for a little more edge than ripped jeans can provide, add a pair of fishnet tights. This is a modern, layered look with a lot of personalities. A date night out calls for this fun style. Paired with a sweater and booties, you’ll be both casual and edgy. This pair of distressed mom jeans hits that edgy and comfy look when paired with fishnets.

Jeans are a classic, so taking them into Fall is a no brainer. What pair is your go-to this season?

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